This screen, shown to the left,lets you edit the details of your rockets.

There are two text fields and two buttons. The text fields let you edit the empty weight of the rocket and the CG position with the standard iPhone keyboard. The CG position is measured from the tip of the Nose cone.

The Cd button takes you to a simpler entry method. You can enter the Cd with a slider. It can also be edited by keyboard.

If your rocket has multiple motor mounts, the motor diameter will take you to the motor mount selection screen. Each rocket can have an unlimited number of motor mounts. To add or remove motor mounts, tap the edit button. If your rocket only has one motor mount, you will see the motor mount edit screen. To enable clusters in any rocket, tap the cluster button on the motor mount edit screen. You can edit diameter, ignition delay and name on any motor mount.

The image at the bottom shows your rocket with CG and CP marked.

In the Navigation Bar, there are two buttons: Geo and 3D

Geo takes you to the geometry screen, 3D takes you to the 3D View.