When you open iPowerRocket you will see something like the screenshot on the right. If it is the first time you open the app, the table will be empty.

Please note that iPowerRocket may take a while to load, as it has to initialize the motor database first (you can reduce the load time by restricting the motor manufacturers in the preferences to the manufacturers you actually need, usually the ones you have casings for).

In iPowerRocket, there are two important controls that are also used in other iPhone apps: the Tab Bar and the Navigation Bar.

The Tab Bar

The Tab Bar is used to switch between the five subapps. Just tap one of the icons to switch to the subapp.

The Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is used for navigating through multiple screens.

In the first screen of each subapp, there is a button on the left that displays information about the subapp. In all other screens there is a back button. On the right there are buttons for different purposes which will be explained later.

The Subapps

There are five subapps: Rockets, Trajectory, Ejection, Parachute and Flight Log. For more on these Subapps click on the Links in the submenu.