The flight log subapp is a flight database, in later versions, it will be able to read and log altimeter data.

When you enter the flight log subapp, you will see a rocket selection screen like in the rockets subapp. It displays name, number of log entries and date of the latest log entry. Tap a rocket to select it.

The next screen selects log entries. Tap an entry to select it, tap edit to add or delete entries. When adding entries, you have to enter a date, which you cannot change.

The next screen displays all data about your flight. The two buttons let you edit this data. „Edit General“ lets you edit title, launch site (name and altitude), wind, motor, comments and how successful the flight was. „Edit Flight“ lets you edit apogee altitude and time and total time. You can also simulate a flight with the motor you selected on the other screen. On both screens, there is a button to switch to the other screen.